At Stroh and Associates we are continually looking to find solutions for you! One product that often is sought after is an individual dental or dental/vision product designed to protect you and your family from unexpected high cost dental services and provide quality preventive care. We are excited to announce we have two product solutions that offer excellent coverage throughout the United States at reasonable rates. Dental insurance specifically, is recognized as one of the most important forms of insurance an individual should have.

Recently, the National Consumer League along with the American Dental Association, the Dental Health Foundation and Oral Health American collaborated on a campaign to underscore the importance of dental care. Some of the main points they made in an open letter to congress was:

  • Dental conditions become more serious and are more costly to treat without intervention.
  • Untreated dental disease can have fatal and costly consequences.
  • Access to dental insurance is extremely difficult for the nation's poorest. Half of all states' Medicaid plans provide no or extremely limited dental coverage.
  • 130 million Americans, including 16 million children and 80 percent of seniors lack dental insurance coverage. This is more than twice the total number lacking basic health insurance.
  • Poor oral health can complicate diabetes; heart disease; pneumonia; and further study is needed to determine the documented link between gum disease and preterm low birth weight babies.

Having dental insurance can be the difference between simple tooth decay and losing your teeth, or the difference between a toothache and a serious operation. Dental care is preventive care; it prevents the high cost of treating life-threatening complications and ensures you and your love ones can have the quality of life you deserve by provide quality preventive care. Please click below to explore these quality dental options, generate a quote based on your age and where you live, and have the peace of mind of having a dental product that will work for you and your budget.

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